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The Secret Blog
Monday, 29 May 2006
Example Notes
If you haven't already, read through the example post, then read this.

Again, note that you need not go to the hassle of creating an anonymous blog if you don't have "inappropriate" things to say.

Note the fact that a name is never mentioned; neither of the publisher nor of his teacher/principal. While the latter is probably overkill, if you have a small class and you do not rotate classes throughout the day it's probably not a good idea to mention your teacher's name in your rant.

Also, if they do something to you in class that you want to rant about, write it from either the third person or from an anonymous bystander's point of view. If she gives you a bogus detention and you say "she gave me a bogus detention," it's gonna be traced right back to you.

Overall, it should be fairly simple to see how this poster's blog would be untracable if he kept to the basic rules of anonymity. If you have any questions, please email us.

Posted by defendyoursites at 11:49 AM EDT
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Example Post... Bugki11er rants about school
It's back to school tommorow. Great. Can you sense my enthusiasm? I have to deal with Mrs. I'm-superior-to-you all day long, so I'm entitled to not be happy about it.

The principal's back as well, having nearly lost it all in a lawsuit. It was kinda funny actually while it lasted, but it got thrown out on a stupid technicality!. I won't rant on and on about how he should have lost every cent as I know you're most likely tired of hearing me talk about it. I'll just say that he's a fine example of everything that's wrong with the public school system, and leave it at that.

And the idiotic school board's at it again. They just passed a rule allowing them control over what students publish on their personal websites. It disgusts me that they actually think they can do that. Oh well; it's only a matter of time before they suspend a student for calling the principal a douchebag on their website. I can't wait to see the ACLU get involved in that.

Anywho, I'm signing out. Gotta go to bed. Remember to rebel against authority!


Posted by defendyoursites at 11:43 AM EDT
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Sunday, 28 May 2006
On this blog you will see our guidelines implemented into a blog post to keep your identity secret. Pay little attention to what IS included; instead, focus your attention on what IS NOT included. Names, photos of the blogger or his friends, distinguishing information, and personal information will not be found on the next post.

Posted by defendyoursites at 11:43 PM EDT
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