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Anonymity Guidelines

Anonymity Guidelines
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Below are basic pointers on how to keep your identity hidden from the people who view your website. This will ensure that your school -and anyone else- cannot punish you for your opinion.

Introduction and Links

NOTE: YOU NEED NOT GET RID OF YOUR CURRENT BLOG TO UTILIZE AN ANONYMOUS ONE. As long as you do not mention that you operate BOTH blogs on your blog (or mention your anonymous one in public) you should be clear. Use your current one for everyday stuff, like family, friends, and life. Your anonymous one is recommended only to provide you a chance to voice your opinions that your school is likely to crack down on.

Can you truly be anonymous online?

The answer is simple: it depends on who you ask.

In our opinion, the guidelines laid out on this site in addition to the resources provided will make you extremely hard to track down, if not impossible. If you are serious about making a blog untraceable, we recommend that you follow ALL THE GUIDELINES. This will provide the utmost protection for you and your opinions.


Anoniblog's Anonymous Blogging Resources

Stay Invisible

Tor Anonymizer

Proxy List - Updated Hourly

Visit our downloads section for additional anonymity resources.

Anonymity Guidelines

1) Do not post ANYTHING on your blog/site under your name. Use a unique screename. Make sure that your screename is not a nickname or anything that you are called often, or that you are previously associated with.

2) Do not mention the names of your friends anywhere on your site. Use their screename or another name. Same rule with screenames mentioned above applies here.

3) Do not post pictures of yourself or your friends. This is a surefire way to be identified.

4) If you do not want to follow 1-3, make your myspace/livejournal/etc profile private, and only allow your trusted friends in. Do not give out your site's URL to anyone other than your trusted friends.

5) Utilize a proxy or the Tor Anonymizer when working on your site. This should thwart most or all attempts to locate the site/blog's publisher's IP address.

6) Sites such as and livejournal allow you to be pretty anonymous, but Myspace is pretty open, and as such is not recommended.

7) Never sign up for a blog or site with your real name. Sites such as myspace are searchable for names of profiles' users, and one of these searches can be the death of even the most carefully protected profile.

8) Do not ever talk about your blog to anyone except your close friends, and make sure to do this in private where you cannot be overheard.

9) Don't work on your blog or website at school; work on it at home where there's little chance of school monitoring software or a teacher looking over your shoulder.

Have another tip for remaining anonymous? Email it to us!

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