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How to Protest
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Want to know what you can do to help take back students' rights to their webpages? Then you came to the right page.

So you want to know what you can do to fight these rules we've been talking about? The truth is this: there are so many ways to safely and legally protest that we cannot even begin to list them all here. However, we will provide some basic examples of methods that could be easily employed to protest, but we encourage you to be creative in this area (but legal!).

1) Turn your car into a canvas: buy a window marker and express your discontent. This is remarkably simple to do and it can reach quite a few people. Just keep profanity, threats, and anything sexual out of it and you're untouchable.

2) Write letters to the editor. This method takes a bit more effort, but it can work well, too. Explain why it's wrong for schools to be able to govern what their students post online. Make sure to mention that it's not within their jurisdiction.

3) Organize demonstrations. This method requires lots of support, planning, and effort, but it is very effective. If you decide to pursue this course of action, please email us and we will provide whatever logistical and moral support we can. NOTE: WALKOUTS IN SCHOOL MAY BE TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL (TRUANCY) IN YOUR AREA; check local laws before staging one. Organized demonstrations, however, are completely legal if done right (most require a permit).

4) Address the ability of schools to control students online at a school board/city council meeting. Cite your facts, state that this is not in the school's jurisdiction, and that the schools have no right to police students' sites.

5) If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us. We'll gladly answer any questions you may have regarding the above information, and provide assistance if you desire.


We trust our users to stick to the laws when protesting, and we trust that our users have enough common sense to know what is illegal. We do not advocate illegal activity as a solution to any of the problems in public schools, and we are not responsible for any illegal activity that occurs.


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