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This site relies upon you -the user- to grow. There are many things that require minimal time to do but that will help spread this site and it's contents around schools that are affected by ludicrous rules.

First and foremost I must mention that we do not and cannot accept donations of any kind. However, we ask that pleased users of our site spread our web address around their school/district. The more people that participate, the more the school's authority to regulate teen's sites is diminished, and more rights are returned to students.

When it comes to helping us get publicity, we recommend the following actions:

1) Just talk to your friends. It's that simple. If they're as fed up with the ability of their school to violate first amendment rights as you are, chances are they'll check out our site.

2) Provide a link to us on your website/blog, even if you do not "go anonymous". This will bring us attention and will help to build a network around us.

3) Email people you know about this site. Link it in the message, write a brief description about what we're doing and why we're here, and send it out. Simple as pie.

4) If you have a publishing suite on your computer of some kind, print out business cards with this site's URL on it and leave them in library books, slip them into lockers, etc; just make sure your school doesn't catch you.

5) As for other methods, be creative, but be lawful. This site is meant to encourage peaceful and legal protests against rules that hinder our free speech. Keep this in mind at all times.

Future Updates

We may be creating a flyer in the near future, but it is only in discussion at the moment. This will provide supporters with an easy method of publicizing this site.

Use the force!

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